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Dermatoglyphics Mulitple Intelligence Test (DMIT)

DMIT is a scientific means of studying patterns of fingerprints so as to get insight into a person’s personality and potential. The technique which stems from Genetics, Dermatoglyphics, Neuroscience, and Psychology has been developed by research experts and scientists from notable universities in the world. The study is over 200 years old. USSR in the past used it to detect sportsmen that are talented who were used for Olympic Games in the 1970’s. the result is that USSR took home gold medals not less than 125 in 1980’s and 50 gold medals in 1972. China followed suite in using the method in the 1980’s.

Experts in the medical field observed that fingerprints can be used to get a person’s intelligence and potential through recording, observation, clinical experiences and induction. IQ, traditionally, is used in gauging a person’s intelligence level. In the book by Dr. Howard Gardner, titled Frames of Mind, he pointed out that people had 9 levels of intelligence. It is with Dermatoglyphics that a person’s level of intelligence can be detected. USA, Taiwan and Japan have adopted the technology which they use in the field of human resource management, education, and recruitment, and also for identifying bright children. The DMI test has been of help to lakhs of students in Indonesia, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, and India in the last 10 years counting.

Prof. Howard Gardner & M.I. Theory:
The ability to contribute to the society is considered as intelligence. It is one’s ability to successfully react to new situations and to learn from old ones.

Author of Multiple Intelligences, Dr. Howard Gardner, who also happens to be a professor of cognition and education lecturing at the prestigious Harvard Graduate School of Education, and Dr. Howard Gardner, author of Frames of Mind came up with this theory in the year 1983. In simple terms, Dr. Gardner is of the opinion that people make use of different forms of intelligence than relying on one.

The world was awaked by the theory especially in Psychology and Education field. We all make use of different intelligence in a day and not one. For some people, the level is higher than that of others. Dr. Howard Gardner posits that cultures and schools pay more attention on logical – mathematical and linguistic intelligence. People with logical reasoning are revered in the society. He advises that others with artistic gifts like the designers, musicians, artists, therapists, naturalists, architects, dancers, entrepreneurs and many others should be recognised as well.

Sadly, children with these kinds of gifts do not get the attention that others with linguistics and mathematical intelligence get in schools. The teachers easily label them “learning disabled”, or concluded to have Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or even failures when in the actual sense, their uniqueness was not identified. The theory of Multiple Intelligence has come to the rescue of such people.
Many teachers all over the world are adopting it in their schools to teach children with.

Reasoning behind Gardner’s Theory

  • Individuals should be allowed to make use of their unique intelligence when learning.
  • Instructional activities should be structured to appeal to various people with their unique intelligence.
  • People should be assessed based on all forms of intelligence. (Gardner)

According to Gardner 

  • Everyone posses all 9 intelligence’s but in different levels.
  • Everyone has a unique intellectual composition.
  • Education can be improved when these multiple intelligence are taken into cognisance.
  • These intelligence which are found in the brain can work together or independently.
  • Human species can be defined by their intelligence

Application of DMIT:

For Parents :
Find and help the child to develop their area they excel in.
Find a different way to teach a child to address the child’s weakness in learning
Helps children to learn in a way that is effective.

For Students :
Choose a learning style and method that is suitable to you
Choose to pursue and develop an area you do well in.

For Adults :
Helps to discover and understand our weaknesses and strengths.
Enables us discover the learning style that suits us so that we can excel in all.

For Corporate :
Helps in better management of customers and staff for more productivity
Operatinf cost is reduced while corporate value is increased.

Benefits of DMIT:
Comprehensive: ability to understand a person’s weaknesses, strengths and multiple intelligences to know the best learning method to use.
Objectivity: people will not be judged based on their culture, emotions, environment, and health factors.
Stability: can be used to get one’s details through fingerprints which do not change.
No age limit: all age range can benefit from it
Simple: it is convenient and without adverse effects.