Divine Point


Hypnosis involves using psychology to bring to life things that are not alive by way of intentional type of concentrated feeling, thinking and perception. It is the means of changing the awareness state so as to focus more on things we choose to focus on. With Hypnosis, we can achieve whatever we place our minds on to achieve. Self confidence, esteem, control and clarity can be built with this tool. This is done by getting into the subconscious mind to change things we want to change effectively.

Hypnotherapy has been used in treating many problems and symptoms. It has been used to improve a person’s level of performance, as well as in curing psycho-somatic problems. Here are places that the practice of hypnotherapy has been accepted:

  • Developing will power and confidence
  • Performance enhancement
  • Control over harmful habits
  • Getting rid of stress and problems that are psycho-somatic in nature
  • Eliminating fear & phobias, etc.

Although hypnosis has the ability to handle the situations listed above, it is, however, important to state that the duration before a person receives healing is dependent on the severity of a person’s symptoms and or problem.

The following will be available at the workshop:

  • Self – Hypnosis
  • Anesthesia by Hypnosis
  • Astral Projection
  • Memory improvement technique
  • Goal Achievement
  • Psychic powers development
  • Manifestation of healing in 7 days
  • Distant Healing
  • Regression of past life
  • Eliminating fears & phobias