Divine Point

Lama Fera

Lama-Fera is an ancient practice practiced in Himalayas in Buddhist monasteries which make use of energy to heal. People benefit from its emotional, physical, spiritual and mental. The practice entails calling on Lord Buddha for any healing situation. The healing energy from Buddha is transferred to the healer down to the person in need of healing.

Differences with other healing systems

What sets Lama-Fera apart from other energy healing technique is that no laying of hands is required. The healer only acts as a channel for Lord Buddha to pass through and heal the person. Lama-Fera healing periods can be shorter when performed in monasteries than Reiki style traditional method, but have to be preformed repeatedly for a sequence to be complete.

Lama-Fera benefits

  • The healer or practitioner can detect the vibrations which can change his energy levels
  • Gets rid of energy that is negative or issues in health, property, and business.
  • Gives strength to the body and enhances chemical processing of muscles, body, digestive disorders, bones.
  • Balancing of spiritual and physical problems
  • Tackles the root cause of sicknesses
  • Improved awareness, knowledge and enlightenment
  • Makes room for more activeness, self-confident and alert

Lama Fera is taught in Two Levels:

Master Healer Level

  • History and Introduction of Lama Fera
  • Study of Chakras
  • Use and Explanation of Healing Kit
  • Self Healing Method and for others
  • 6 powerful symbols & Uses
  • Soul Meditation
  • Level I attunement
  • Healing of the Earth

Master Teacher Level

  • Another 6 powerful symbols with their uses
  • Lama Fera Attunement process for Level I, II and III
  • Attunement of Level II and Level III