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‘Mnemonic’ can also mean memory tool. It is a technique that is used in recalling information that is not so easy to recall. The brain is capable of detect and decode stimuli that are complex like sounds, images, smells, colors, tastes, touch, structures, emotions, positions and language. We use such information to create sophisticated models for our world.

The information we get in our daily lives works like words on the pages of a paper. Our brains, however, lack the capacity to remember words written on paper most of the time.

The belief is that our memory space is not much and only few gifted ones can remember such things. the only reason such people are able to do so is because they make use of more than one faculty for memorization while the rest of us make use of one. Our brain has 2 Quintillion bits of storage or 200 Crore gigabyte. What this means is that assuming our brains are to record videos, the video will have to be used for 300 years before our brains can be full.

So, storage space is not the problem, but our brains indexing or storage system that we have not trained to work. When we fail to label information, we find it hard to store and recall it.

Mnemonics as a tool can benefit students who are charged with the responsibility of memorizing and recalling formulae, large amounts of data, history dates, long answers, etc. With Mnemonics, students can store and recall all these information and still have space for more.

Benefits of Mnemonics:

The tools of Mnemonics are fun ways to store word sequence. Figures, face and facts, events, can be remembered with the help of the tool. It is a very effective way better than rote learning and repetition.

Improves memory
It boosts memory. It is also preferable because you do not have to memorise anything which can be monotonous, but making use of memorisation technique is more fun. Mnemonics also has positive effect on the short and long term memory.

Benefits Children with Dyslexia
Dyslexia is term used in referring to people that has difficulty in reading fluently. It is very challenging for children with such situation to reverse words and numbers that make it difficult to read. But with mnemonics, such issues can be reversed.

Enhances Imagination
Mnemonics help people to create strong imaginations. The learning process with mnemonics helps with this situation. The ability to imagine and visualize short phrases makes it easier to remember information.

Sensory Stimulation
The sensory can be stimulated with the help of mnemonics. This breaks the boredom that is usually the case with rote learning. New languages, cooking unfamiliar recipes, playing a complex game can be aided by mnemonics. It also helps students to learn verbal skills.

Retrieving of important information
The brain works to activate cells that are responsible for storing information and for retrieving it. It helps body cells which then help in boosting the memory. Our imaginative ability is also not left out.