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Psychometric tests are scientific and standard technique that is used in measuring the behavioral style as well as a person’s mental capabilities. The tests are used in measuring a person’s suitability and cognitive abilities for a role.

Psychometric test for individuals are of 4 different types:

  1. Psychometric Multiple Intelligence Test: an occupational psychologist at SHL, Eugene Burke, who is also the world leader in the field of psychometric assessment, said that it refers to measuring an individual’s talents, motivation and aptitudes and their suitability for a role. The test relies on Howard Gardner’s MI model that involves five unique Brain Quotients and nine multiple intelligence.
  2. Psychological Screening Inventory (PSI): This test relies on the personality of an individual. It borrows Carl Jung’s theory. Jung discovered repeated and recognizable patterns in relation to our behavior to the way we see the world, our relationship with it, and also the decisions we take in life. It has the same pattern with that of the popular test – Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). It is used in gauging how people react and they will choose to behave to give a clear insight into the person’s lifestyle.
  3. Richmond Survey Instrument (RSI): this is based on the idea developed by Edgar Schein which seeks to look into people’s career anchors (what people want out of the career they chose and why they chose the career). The instrument that drives heads are 9 in number – Power, Money, Meaning, Expertise, Social Affiliation, Innovation, Security and Status as well as Autonomy.
  4. Thematic Apperception Test (TAT): This method is used by an interpreter that is trained in seeking information about a person’s emotions, dominant drives, conflicts, sentiments, and complexes of a personality. It has a special value in discovering issues that patients are not willing to share or even hidden to the patient.

Benefits of Psychometric Multiple Intelligence Test

A child’s multiple intelligence and the areas the child has interests in can be evaluated. This will help in taking decisions that is academic based. It also fosters better relationship between children and their parents and their communication pattern.
A child’s weakness can also be detected by the test so that help can be provided adequately.