Divine Point

Vedic Math

Vedic math is of special help to students to accurately and quickly perform basic arithmetic. It works by getting the child’s mental calculation capability together and helping in its development. It simplifies arithmetic for the child.

It can be used on children in their kindergarten years until they are about 10 years. It helps them to develop their mathematical skills. It starts with numbers and then moves into additions, then to subtractions, all the way to multiplications and division. It is not just about basic calculations. It can be helpful to a child for geometrical theorems and algebraic problems. Vedic math learning and can be used on people even at a later stage in life. It works on the right brain and also on the left brain to perform calculations. It sharpens concentration and boosts the child’s memory while enhancing his ability to visualise.

Benefits of Vedic math:

  • It helps the kid solve mathematical problems much faster than previously obtainable attracts them to mathematics.
  • Very useful all through the child’s lifetime
  • Ability to tell answers even before solving a problem
  • Improves mental calculation.
  • Increases concentration.
  • Improves the child’s confidence.
  • It reduces burden of counting huge numbers
  • The development of creativity at a young age is helpful towards understanding concepts that are advanced
  • It can be applied to numbers that are beyond 10 digits
  • Saves time during Examination
  • It is easy to check all text book problems
  • The child can travel back and make corrections to mistakes even while cross checking answers
  • Makes it possible for the students to solve sums event if they only know tables up to 9.
  • Reduces finger counting & improves mental calculation.
  • Enhance logical thinking process.
  • Gives the student more confidence, with high self esteem and knowledge
  • Ability to get better results and much better academic performance.
  • Sharpens the mind to increase mental ability and intelligence.
  • Cultivates an interest in maths and drives away maths-phobia.
  • Makes it easy to understand, and apply statistics
  • Increases speed and accuracy.
  • Saves time during examination.
  • Assures a zero error technique.
  • Amazing Speed Maths that will be beneficial throughout lifetime.