Divine Point

Crystal Ball Gazing

Get answers to all your present, past and future questions. Partake in using inner vision to discover your innate ability.

Crystal Ball Gazing is an age-long practice with the use of occult science used in discovering a person’s present, past and future.

It is a type of SCRYING which means to observe, descry, to see. It is also an ancient practice or art that many cultures use to develop their respective intuitive psychic talents at a very high degree.

At the mention of the name – Crystal Ball Gazing, a common misconception of it having magical powers used in forecasting in the future comes to mind. This is not really so. The images that are seen by gazing in the ball are from the subconscious mind of the person gazer and not really what the future holds. Crystal Ball Gazing can be used to see into the subconscious mind. In the process of using the ball, the gazer’s consciousness is paused so that information from the subconscious can be flow through the eye of the mind. It is in that place that images are seen and not on the ball itself.

Course Content

Clairvoyance: these are the 6 very simple methods and various intuitions that are needed to develop one’s intuitive powers.
Psychometry: this is studying a person’s information by sensing objects.
Psychokinesis: this is learning how to use the power that is in the Mind & Reiki to move objects.
Different ways by which clairvoyance can be developed: (Inner-visions) & the sixth sense by the use of pineal gland.

Tratak Vigyan: This enables one to expand their concentration and focus power, trans-state which is known as (Alpha &Theta State). Is also used to find answers, see into the Past and Future. It also develops one’s ability to control & and also influence people by making use of the Hypnotic Eye.

Different ways of Gazing:

  • Fine Gazing
  • Crystal Ball Gazing
  • Mirror Gazing 4. Cloud
  • Black Mirror Gazing
  • Water Gazing
  • Sand Gazing
  • Ink Blot Gazing, etc.

Make use of Develop Telepathic Visions, Intuition Cards to discover your intuitive power that you can develop and use in judging.