Divine Point

ESP & Photo Graphic Memory

The ability to photographically recall images, numbers, words, names, with utmost precision by use of memory is what is called ESP. the brain needs to have neuroplasticity, which is having a strong memory that enables it reorganize itself by tearing down and rebuilding itself by means of connections. Some people are gifted with strong retentive memory, while others find it hard to remember what they did the previous day. To be able to enhance photographic memory and ability to review data, there are things that must be done. Photographic memory is used when referring to someone who has no challenge in reviewing visual data in point of interest. As individuals are exposed to photos, having a good photographic memory entails that such individuals review such images without difficulty. They are able to replay it after it has been planned with utmost pleasure and packed with fun. This has medium, fundamental and development level.

Understanding Photographic Memory

Not many people have the capacity to recall images, words, and numbers without mistakes. It all depends on how the brain can build up such images to have impressions that are long lasting. Photographic memory deals solely with the ability to recall and retain visual memory without mistakes. So, students in the course of the study will be equipped to better deal with Photographic memory.

The term is used in referring to someone that is able to recall visual information with full description. Such people are said to be able to take a mental picture of events like a camera does without missing any detail.

Advantages of the course:

  • Memory improvement
  • Ability to use Photographic Memory
  • Development of brain power and concentration

The Advantages of the Course

There will be two days of consistent training where students will put through in remembering visuals without mistakes. It will help kids to remember things just as if they were looking at a photo or any visual format so as to boost their memory retention. There are 3 different levels to go through namely, medium, fundamental and development. The levels are tailored to help the kids in their learning process. Students will be able to better handle their memories and daily activities by way of concentration with this study.