Divine Point


(To unravel all secrets that are hidden)


In general terms, Dowsing is the process or art of discovering things that are hidden by use of intuitive technique in their simplest form to search, predict and even choose objects that are unknown in someone’s present and future done by the person him or herself. It helps people to solve their problems and that of others.


The practice is an age long practice that has lost its history. It was used in finding missing people, discovering water and also for hidden treasures. This is done by the use of a dowsing rod, stick or pendulum. It is also referred to as water witching, divining, doodle-bugging, etc.

They could have been a reference of it in the Bible when Aaron and Moses used it to find water. It can also be traced to the Middle Ages in Europe when dowsers used it in discovering coal deposits.


The dowsing stick or rod is made to move or vibrate when utmost concentration is made when in search of a hidden object. It works like an antenna or amplifier for energy.

CHOOSE: It can be used to find partners that are compatible, staff, buildings, servant, find allergic food, crystals, medicines, plots, suitable business, gems, career, places etc.

SEARCH: used in finding lost objects, missing person, oil and mineral resources, hidden treasures, artifacts, water, negative energies, buried items etc.

HEAL: can be used in relieving heaviness, pain, chakra, aura, negative blockages, mind and energies.

DIAGNOSE: to detect parts of the body that are not working well, chakra, spirits, vastu defects, exact root cause of diseases and negative forces.

The course is very beneficial to everyone including children.

Not learning dowsing can mean that you are missing out in life.