Divine Point


Numerology is basically a tool for self-help. It gives deeper insight into what is going in a person’s life as well as your true nature. It can be used to discover refreshing and fresh aspects of an individual’s character.

The sure way to gain access to freedom and success is by self knowledge. When you have deeper insight into what your weaknesses and strengths are helps you in every area of your life.

Numerology also offers revelations concerning opportunities, various cycles, and challenges that you must have experienced in the past and those ahead of you.

It has been shown that the time a person is born is affected by the peculiar vibration from the Universe. It affects a person’s destiny and character.

So, a person’s history is found in the person’s date of birth and name. It can be used to get information on a person’s hobby, character, vocation, destiny and interest. This is what numerology” entails.

Things to expect from the workshop:

Magnified healing, Magnified, Aroma Therapy, Angel Therapy, Numerology, tarot Card, Astrology, Ayurveda, Holistic Healing Runes.

  • Introduction and History
  • Compound and Karmic numbers
  • Meaning of numbers
  • Synchronization between numbers
  • Character Analysis
  • The Major and Minor numbers
  • Scale of Relationship, Business Partnership
  • Knowing Past, Present and Future
  • Lucky Numbers, Colors, planet Stones etc.