Divine Point

Aura Scanning

In simple terms, Aura, which is a field of Energy, works by surrounding everything and anything that has atomic structure. It is known by its different colours such as yellow, white, orange, and white colour. If a person is very holy, the Aura will be better. Aura results in different colours which are gotten after a person’s Aura, mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health is analysed.
A person’s Aura keeps changing as a result of evolution and inner growth. Another thing that comes into play is the person’s state of mind or emotions at the time the Aura is being read. Prana is the energy that forms Aura.

There are 7 basic colours present in Aura and maybe a little more. The Chakras found in the human body which are 7 in number are linked with Aura’s 7 basic colours. When the colour is bright and clear, it indicates that the person’s Chakra is healthy. On the other hand, a dull colour can only mean that the person’s Chakra is not well developed or is sick.

On the part of the Aura Readers, an illness that will affect someone is first seen months and even years before it manifests physically on the person. Carrying out Aura analysis can be used to detect what a person may suffer in future, after which therapies for healing can be done to correct the person’s Aura back to good health.

Aura Reading can be learned from Divine Point. The software can also be made available so that people can do the Reading and analysis themselves.