Divine Point

Super Quantum Speed Reading

The Super Quantum speed reading (QSR) method is the ability to read books without having cause to look at the pages. First developed in Japan, the practice has been used on adults and children alike. It involves flipping the pages as against reading it. In fact, with it, there will be no need to open the book in the first place. The reader just need to put the book in his face and with the thumb flips through it as if shuffling a card. It is a groundbreaking method in learning.

The course takes one month and makes connection with the mouth, eyes, brain and ears to work. How it works for the student is that the student sees the images as if watching a movie and can then relate those images when needed. It enhances memory force, physical well being, boosting of the certainty, offset focus, over all learning enthusiastic remainder, encourages changes in understudies scholastic execution and improves creative ability.

Techniques involved in QSR:

  • Flying In
  • Image and Eye Training
  • Afterimage Practice and Staring Practice
  • Relaxation-Concentration-Envisioning

Flying in involves a simple meditation and the use of breathing techniques to gain access into the body or a book.

Image training
Our right part of the brain can bring images to us in form of dreams. This involves having an imagination where you are in a standing position on a vast plain and a balloon is being swayed in front of you. The balloon comes closer when you breathe in and far away when you breathe out.

After Image Practice and Staring Practice comes after the training with the eye. It involves long and shallow breathing when lying down. You will need to put a blindfold on and do a rod imaging. You will be forced to speed read by catching on images and colours.


  1. Rod or Stick Image Training: Here you will need to take a long breath while lying down and see yourself on a stick.
  2. Artificial Light Training: Place a lamp like 6 feet away and get a book you are yet to read. Take a look at the bulb which is on for a few seconds and shut your eyes to be able to see the light appear before your eyes. With that light, open the book and flip through the contents.