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Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Techniques also known as EFT Tapping is a tool used all over the world to achieve for emotional, physical and performance issues. EFT believes that emotional issues are the reason humans go through some things. Emotional stress according to EFT can pose as an obstacle to healing of chronic pain, physical issues, etc in the body.

There may not be need to directly apply EFT to such symptoms in the body without touching the emotions. But the solution is more lasting when emotions are discovered are tackled.

The practice believes that when the emotional aspect of a human being is tackled, the person’s chances of having freedom and peace from clogging emotions will increase. With Personal Peace Procedure, one’s personal performance can be enhanced, a better health is assured, beliefs that are limitative will vanish, relationships will flourish, etc. If truth be told, emotional issues are behind many sufferings in the world.

EFT can, therefore be used to clear the way of troubling emotional stress so as to pave way for a healthy lifestyle with much productivity. We will be starting with the basics of Tapping and build it up to Personal Peace Procedure. We encourage everyone to take advantage of this tool in regaining their freedom and peace beyond their imaginations.

EFT is simple and easy to learn. You will benefit from it by

  • Getting rid of Negative Emotions
  • Curb appetite and rate of Food Cravings
  • Get rid of pain
  • Get goals that are positive