Divine Point

Magnified Healing

This ancient healing modality came into being on earth in 1983. This was originally the preserve of Ascended Master for healing Masters that are on Earth and to help themselves as well as humans under special divine need. By the intervention of Lady Master Kwan Yin, the Magnified Healing which was heretofore for GODS OF THE UNIVERSE was made available to help the human race on earth.

The process involves a steady energy flow of a person’s heart and the Source through the Spiritual Centers and coming down to the earth at the Diamond. The energy works in spirals from the Source and making available the process for Ascension.

The practice and learning of this process takes into cognisance of every aspect that is involved in healing by the use of breathing, sacred geometries, and affirmations, which the students partakes in directly to learn without the need for internship. What the student will be exposed to is – Three-Fold Flame, Hierarchy, Karma, spiritual centers (chakras), Violet Fire and Ascension.

The following will be made available in the workshop:

  • Empowerment Meditation
  • Acknowledgment of Higher Self and the Three Fold Flame
  • Spiritual Centers Alignment
  • Light Channel Clearing
  • Magnified Healing energy Co-creation
  • Attunement of Level I
  • Self Healing and Others
  • Nervous System Connection
  • Stimulate, Scan/ Heal the Body through the Calcium on the Spine
  • Karma Healing
  • Light Body Building
  • Ascension Preparation
  • Absent Transplants and Healing
  • Earth Healing
  • Master-Teacher Initiation into Magnified Healing