Divine Point

Hunkara with Haleem

Hunkara with Haleem boosts mental capacity of people of different ages (5-60 years). it contains formulas that can make life more peaceful.

It has been in high demand by Judicial, School Going Children, Officials, IT, Researchers, BPO Sector, IPS, IAS, Management and Marketing personnel to enhance productivity.
It increases the rate at which individuals concentrate, with an increases retentive memory that are prerequisite for excellence. it increases the speed at which people can finish a task. Students excel more in interviews and examinations due to a boosted communication skill as well as improved memory inhibition.
in as little as 3 hours workshop, anyone can learn how it works.


  • Increased concentration and retentive memory
  • Memory increase
  • Enhances the process of decision making and foresighteness for a better future.
  • Eases the body of daily stress.
  • Amends fractured relationship between spouses, boosts profit making for business owners in commodity market. promotes market share, and also promotes mental strength.