Divine Point


Meditation should be absolutely necessary in every educational system, because meditation is not Hindu, not Christian, not Buddhist. Meditation has nothing to do with any religion. It has nothing to do with any belief. Meditation does not require you to believe in God first, heaven and hell, Jesus Christ as the only begotten son. It needs no belief of any kind. Meditation is an inquiry, a search, a pilgrimage towards your own center.

What is meditation?

Meditation is all about relaxation and not about concentration. During meditation, people de-concentrate. Instead of focusing attention on a particular thought, mediation involves focusing on absolutely nothing.

What are the benefits of meditation?

  • A mind that is calm
  • Good concentration
  • Enhanced clarity
  • Improvement in communication skill
  • Body and mind rejuvenation and relaxation

5 mediation health benefits

With meditation, the cells in the body are filled with more energy (Prana) by physiology change that happens. The result is enthusiasm, peace, joy, even as the level of energy present in the body is increased.

Meditation on physical level can:

  • Lower blood lactate level, incidences of high blood pressure, and reduce attacks from anxiety
  • Reduce tension resulting from ulcers, pain, headaches, muscle and joint problems, and also insomnia.
  • Boost behaviour and mood by increased serotonin production
  • Improve the immune system
  • Gain entrance into inner source of prana for increased energy level.

Benefits of Meditation on Mentality

Healing is achieved with meditation and this is done by bringing the brainwave pattern into an alpha state. The result is a mind that is beautiful, delicate and fresh. With meditation, the mind achieves calmness, is nourished, with a renewed surge of energy.

Issues that can be eliminated when meditation is practiced regularly are:

  • Improved emotional stability
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Improved creativity
  • Enhancement of intuition
  • Increased happiness
  • Peace of mind and clarity
  • Absence of problems
  • The body is more relaxed and able to focus more
  • A sharp mind devoid of frustration, tension and anger
  • A progressive mind
  • Attainment of perfection through the process of mind balancing
  • Achievement of inner happiness and increased awareness

Spiritual benefits of meditation

  • Anyone from any religion can practice meditation
  • Movement of the mind to join with the infinite and as part of the cosmos
  • The body is transported to a state of calmness, joy that is reflects on the universe
  • Personal transformation gotten through discovering oneself Meditation

How to benefit from meditation

This get the benefits that meditation offers, one important thing to take note of is regular practice. With just few minutes a day, you get to make it a part of your life.

Meditation can be compared to a seed which blossoms when it is cultivated with love.

5 Benefits of meditation for students

  • Soaring level of confidence
  • Better focus and clarity
  • Improved health
  • More energy and mental strength
  • Greater dynamism!