Divine Point

Tarot Reading

Tarot is a life wheel that makes a link with our collective consciousness that plays out on the unconscious, subconscious and conscious levels. The tarot pack is made up of 1 Master Card, 56 Minor Arcana and 22 Major Arcana totaling 79 cards.

Arcana reveal mysteries in life that we have no power over. They guide us into seeing into the inner self and bring out thoughts that are impatient to be discovered. As the journey into the spiritual journey is ongoing, we get drawn to it by our higher self. The minor arcana cards tell us about the daily occurrence in our lives and are the lesser mysteries. The mystic of tarot cards entails numerology, astrology, symbology and an occult entrance into the present, past and future.

Various Decks involved: Alister Crowley, Osho Zen, , Oracle Cards Egyptian Cards etc.

Osho Zen Workshop includes:

  • Meditations
  • Introduction to Tarot cards
  • Connection of Sub-Conscious, Conscious, and Unconscious Mind with Tarot
  • Major and Minor Arcana
  • Elemental study and Color symbology
  • Channeling, Healing with cards
  • Different kinds of layouts and spreads
  • Explanation of all Cards
  • Counseling and Guidance

Thoth Deck Workshop involves

  • Major and Minor Arcana
  • Introduction to the cards
  • Astrological meanings and Zodiac signs
  • Identification and Explanation of 7 planets
  • Detailed Description of Cards
  • Tree of Life
  • Predictions, Counseling & Guidance
  • Meditation, Healing and Channeling