Divine Point

Mudra Vigyaan

Mudras can be performed at anytime you choose, but it is advisable to do it when you are sitting in the lotus position and paying full attention on healing. Although is it mainly for healing, it can also benefit overall health and prevent sickness.

By applying pulses on some parts of the hand, a healing process will affect the part of the body that needs healing. It is done on both hands the same time except in cases where otherwise is advised.

The science behind Mudra Vigyan is quite deep, amazing and mysterious at the same time. The mind can also get some concentration with the help of this science. It becomes easy to harmonize the mind and the undercurrents involved. The most important aspect of connecting with the supreme self with meditation is Mudra Vigyan. It has the power to heal any health issue as minor as an ache in the ear or as serious as a heart attack.

It takes few minutes to cure ear ache using Shunya Mudra. Apan Mudra cures urinary tract infection. For heart attack that is severe, you will need to use Mritsanjiveni Mudra which is known to instantly provide relief.