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What is Reiki?

Reiki comes from 2 characters in Japan. Rei means universal and the Ki means vital. So, Reiki is said to be a natural method of healing that entails channeling energy from the hands to the body. Dr Mikao Usui discovered it on Mount Kuruam in the year 1922 while he was meditating and on 21 days fast.

Once an individual receives attunment, such person can practice Reiki. Energy from the universe is all around us and can be gotten from the water, sunlight, food and air. Children are more able to connect with this energy while growing up than adults. We all have a direct link with energy for healing.

Reiki is also very useful for people that want to relax and get rid of tension and anxiety. It affects all the levels – mental, spiritual, emotional and physical. It helps a person’s growth and can be used to help others too. It is simply discovering a person’s powers and being able to trust him or herself and use it as well. Reiki can be given to plants, people, water, animals, food and anything you can think of.

3 degree levels of Reiki

First Degree

This one works with the physical level for the student. An initiation into Usui Tibetan system makes it possible. After the initiation, the participating student will be able to feel some sort of energy flowing through the hands. It could be in form off heat, buzz, coolness, tickle etc. everyone can partake. It takes only a weekend. The blockages to energy are balanced, released and harmonised. There becomes a connection between from the top to bottom of an individual’s spine. With practice, the Reiki level will increase and be more constant. The physical energy is up to 80-90 percent while the rest is shared to the emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Second Degree

This is the next level after the first is completed. This will be 3 months after the student finished the first degree. This second degree opens up more channel for more energy to penetrate. There are 3 symbols that the student will receive:

  • The Power Symbol. This allows the student to have more energy to treat himself and others. The student can use the energy available in the universe to cleanse himself and also to protect himself, car, home etc.
  • The Mental Symbol. This is when the student will be able to work on the emotional and mental level to receive energy. The healing therefore is for emotional and mental healing like anxiety, anger, depression, sadness and for curing certain bad addictions.
  • The Distance Symbol. Just as the name implies, it is healing that can be sent to people in another place. The recipient could be anywhere in the world and can be sent to the future yet to come and commanded to arrive at a certain time. It can also be used to re-mediate issues in the past to cure problems.

Third Degree – Inner Master

This is a higher level where the student’s ability to connect with the universal energy is increased. The symbol of Usui Master is given to the student and works on the spiritual level for discovering inner self.

Grand Master Level

This is about the highest level that a student can attain. The student gets extra 4 Tibetan Master Symbols to be able to perform the initiation into Reiki himself. The student at this level can teach others as well.