Divine Point

Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is a type of healing that makes use of gemstones or crystals. The crystals are place on “chakras” of the body. Chakra means spiritual energy in Hindu.

The teaching believes that there are 7 major centers in the body that has energy with each having a unique colour. So, when crystal healing is being performed, the same colour of that chakra is placed on the person’s body to allow for flow of energy.

What Crystals does is to direct a person’s body in such a way that energy flow is allowed so that the person’s energy can be balanced. It works well in getting rid of negative or bad energy in a person’s body so as to cure the sickness. This will restore the person back to good health.

Crystals are mainly used for mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional healing.

Crystal has been a long age practice in history used for meditation, healing, and personal reflection. It corporate with the energy found in the body. So, when the body is sick, it means that the person’s rhythm or balance has been altered.

Crystalline energy helps the body to regain its balance and rhythm. Its atomic structure that is perfect helps a person to exude perfection, and a healthy pattern for the body. Attracting and directing divine energy by the use of crystals can result in powerful healing vibration.