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Midbrain Activation for Adults

We all want good health and wellness. Our bodies are exposed to sicknesses, low productivity, poor lifestyle quality as a result of chronic stress and tension. The inability to manage stress is the reason a lot of people build up tensions in their lives. You will be taught on how to handle stress, heal your body, boost energy level and ensure circulatory wellness in this workshop. Some topics you will be exposed to in the adult class includes health problem issues, eye ball exercises, energy exercises, with practical on handling confidence, fear and energy. Midbrain Activation and conduct Photographic Memory Training will also take place during the two-day workshop. Students will be given energy exercises to improve their health based on the theory of oriental health theory for the wellness of the circulatory system. There will be a lot of practical to be done by the adults partaking in this workshop.

MidBrain Activation for Adults

What we take to be mid-brain activation is the process of attaching the subconscious of an individual in a manner that such a person has conscious control while being fully awake. The two states work hand in hand. The relationship between these two – the right and left hemisphere or part of the brain is referred to as the mind in a holistic state. Unlimited capacity and capability in higher standards are allowed. With this, humans can witness themselves attain higher professional and personal performances.

As human being progress in life through time and space, the mind shifts its dominance to the conscious from the subconscious. This is why adults operate in the conscious than children. With this situation, it becomes challenging for adults to have access to and also assess the subconscious. Mid-brain may be good for children so that they can develop properly, we think that it is more beneficial to adults.

What does Mid-Brain Activation Workshop entail for participating Adults?
First of all, the workshop is only for two days during which you will be trained on how to connect with the subconscious so that dynamics of synergy and control are well understood. Adults will understand the practice and have access to the raw material needed which can be used in their daily lives. The mid-brain makes use of fusions and series of different breakthrough methods like Bio-electromagnetic and Brain-wave and oriented techniques to make the mind more alert and strengthened. The sensory system and the physical will be activated through the practice given in the workshop so that the subconscious modality can be activated.

What benefits can adults gain?

  • Protection from stress vulnerability by enhancing the capacity of the brain.
  • Strong, stable, spacious, healthy, positive, swift, and the ability to achieve a holistic state of mind.
  • Ability to get into the subconscious to access and assess modality present in meta-physics consciously
  • Huge improvement in the ability to sense things, as well as heightened instincts, clairvoyance and intuition.
  • Improved productivity and quality performance in every area of life.
  • Ability to assess people and pass across suggestive motions to them.
  • Unlimited access to inner-self empowerment and inner-skills.
  • More open to divine intelligence.

Who is the workshop meant for?

  • Those that want to increase their subconscious modality by taking charge over the mind competency.
  • Those seeking for growth in their personal, social and professional performances.
  • Those in need of creating a balance and also for strengthening their weakening conscious modality.
  • Those in need of intuition for high risk decisions.
  • Those that depend on mind oriented communication for taking decisions and achieving success.