Divine Point

Quantum Speed Reading

This course which will last for 3 months and involves reading by engaging the ears, eyes, mouth, and brain. Speed reading makes connection with the faculties mentioned above than perusing done on the ground that involves all the faculties and even more. It is ultra fast memorization, reading and reproduction images.

Steps involved in speed reading:

All the faculties of the body mentioned above contribute to the speed. This helps to develop a child’s skills and to enhance their ability to speed read, revise quicker and retain things. This is done by helping the children to remember things by images so that it is easier for them to remember. Their memory will be boosted; they will read better and retain things more.

The fluctuations created will allow the kids to remember things as if they are watching movies. It also helps the brain to peruse events even more accurately. This course serves to help offset foucs, understudies scholastic execution changes, physical well being, creative ability, over all learning, and enthusiastic remainder.

4 steps involved in speed reading:

  • Daily practice
  • Visualize
  • Relax
  • Natural vision

Visualize: this affords the child the chance to visualize contents and explain it using the child’s own words. He recreates what he has in his mind from the image he has already stored of that content.

Natural Vision: a child will be able to make use of his entire vision with regular vision so that the child is able to capture prints on the page. This means that the child will be able to see 3 to 8 lines at a go that seeing just 3 to 12 words per line.
Relax : speed reading works differently that the normal way people become tense when focusing or concentrating their minds on an issue. Speed reading demands that a person must be relaxed even when the person is visualizing or concentrating. The vibe for this can be gotten when involved in a perusing activity that is easy. When people are able to visualize when without pressure, they will understand how easy it is to envision when using velocity perusing.

Daily practice: the importance of rehearsing daily cannot be overemphasised. In a velocity perusing class, it was discovered that after people get involved in honing daily, get better at the rate at which people can be able to peruse while those not practising it daily will have the opposite result. It can be used in reading books without actually perusing over the pages. It was first introduced in Japan and affords people the ability to read without flipping the pages while doing so. It can be used in remembering things at Basic, Medium, and at Advance Level.